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Monday, 14 May 2012

Bead-making, prints, & more

Well what a lovely weekend it was in terms of weather.  It made a nice change from all the rain.  Still, true to form it's pouring down again!

Sadly, I was a bit too busy to enjoy much of the outdoors this weekend.  So what have I been up to?  Well, I have been speaking to a number of websites in who are going to start listing my prints & paintings which is exciting!  I've also been reshooting a lot of my existing paintings in order to make them into prints and I've also got a couple of custom pieces that I'm working on at the moment - one of them for my sister to go in her new home.

I also tried my hand at bead-making.  I'm quite pleased with the result - all I need now is a little chain to pop them on so I can make a little bracelet.  I'll try to find some time later on to share the result with you!

I've also got my last essay for my current Uni course due in on Thursday - I need to get my act together with it as I need to start revising for my June exam as soon as my essay is in!  Nothing like leaving things until the last minute to put the pressure on!

Finally, I sold quite a few prints over the weekend on my two-for-one offer which is great news.  Seeing as it's been so popular, I've decided to extend the offer by another week.  To make it easier I've made a slight change - now you can add all the prints you want to buy and use the code 241PRINTS at the checkout.

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