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Friday, 28 October 2011

Phew what a crazy busy few weeks I've had!  Where to start?!?!?

Gift-Wrapped and Gorgeous

Well first of all, some exciting news!  My paintings are now stocked by the lovely Gift-Wrapped & Gorgeous.  Currently you can buy the same paintings as you can buy direct from me, or on my Folksy and Etsy shops.  When I have some more time though I will be creating a range of exclusive items for GWAG.

Orders, orders, orders!

I've had a good run of orders from both the UK and the USA.  It makes me so happy that people so far away appreciate my work!  I've had the pleasure of speaking to some really lovely people from all over the place including Canada, the US, France, and Ireland as well as the UK.

Christmas preparation

I've begun work increasing the number of paintings I have in stock ready for Christmas so if you're looking for a unique, handmade gift that will last, you'll have plenty of choice in the coming few weeks.

Giant canvas

Although I'm known mostly for my trees, I do enjoy creating abstract work as well.  I've purchased some giant canvases and am hoping to find the time to begin work on them over the next month or so.  Although if it's busy I may have to wait until after Christmas!

Art on the Street

I've begun planning and preparation for Art on the Street for Maidenhead Art Market on 3 December. If you can, feel free to pop by and see me so you can see my work in person and meet me if you so wish!

Web Design

I helped my friends over at Moore Than Cupcakes set up their new website and online shop.  You can now order their gorgeous cakes for delivery anywhere in the UK!  I've actually helped a few friends who are makers & doers to set up their own websites so I think I'm going to do something over the coming months by way of tutorials and maybe even service to help other small creative businesses get online.  Watch this space!

Running for Harry

As you may know, I have been following the story of Harry Moseley, a remarkable young man who suffered with a brain tumour.  I have now signed up to Reading Half Marathon as part of the 'Running for Harry' team set up in his memory.

Back at Uni

The next module of my degree has started - I'm studying a BA (Hons) in Psychology & Philosophy part-time through the Open University - and have just begun the Philosophy element.  There's a lot of reading but it's genuinely fascinating.  I'm looking forward to my first assignment in a few weeks time!

I think that's it for now!  I'll try not to leave it so long next time!



Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Knit a Penguin a Jumper - Seriously!

Penguins in Need of Wooly JumpersIt was brought to my attention that some poor penguins off the coast of New Zealand need some help after an oil spill.  So if any of my lovely blog readers are knitters I was wondering if they could spare some time and send some woolly jumpers.  They're used to keep rescued penguins warm as well as preventing them from ingesting oil by preening their feathers until they're cleaned up.

For more information visit Skeinz

With thanks to Etsy for the photo.