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Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Time Flies, Shop of the Week, & other news!

Well hello dear Blog!  How time flies when you're busy!  I had a fair few orders in August and have just packed off the last custom painting order.  Now I just need to get on with stocking up my shop with new works.

First of all I'd better catch up on Shop of the Week!  So here is a run down of Craft Britannia's featured Etsy shop owners over the last few weeks!

Bebby Jumpers

Beautiful knitted jumpers for babies!  How cute is this little halloween-themed jumper?

You can read an interview with Bebby Jumpers' shop owner here.

Next up is the lovely Laura of Laura's Jewellery.  She makes some lovely pieces that are rather purse-friendly too like this butterfly brooch which is only £6. 

You can read an interview with Laura here.

Steph of Six Skeins makes the most delicious-looking yarns and knitted goodies.  Some of the colours are so juicy I want to eat them!  

You can read Steph's interview here

Another talented knitter is Sandra of The Feminine Touch.  This pullover would make such a cute autumn wardrobe addition! 

Fem's interview is just here.  

If you're looking for cards then Lucy's shop, Fluffy Duck is worth a visit.  

Lucy's interview can be found here.

Other News

In other news I got my result through from my last exam and Open University Philosophy module.  I got a Distinction which I was incredibly pleased with.  It's kind of a double-edged sword though - as now I could get a 1st in my degree so long as I get as Distinction in my next module.  If I'd gotten a grade 2 pass (2:1 level) I'd have put thoughts of a 1st out of my mind but now the pressure is really on to do well in my next module!  

I decided to take up knitting last week too.  I used to knit when I was a little girl but haven't for years.  My first attempt looked like a small child had done it whilst blindfolded but I'm improving.  I'm going to attempt to knit myself a scarf once I can settle on a design and colour scheme!  I'll post some pics once I get around to it!


  1. Thanks for the include Louise! Now to catch up on your other posts...

    1. No problems Steph, I love your yarns!

  2. Many thanks for another mention Louise! Congratulations on your Distinction! I am sure you can get another! And good luck with the knitting ~ practice makes perfect!

    1. You're welcome Bebby! Thanks for the encouragement with my knitting - I'm getting there slowly! Might even have a scarf done by Christmas!