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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Shop of the Week 19 & 20

Dear me, I've been so busy this last month I keep falling behind on the Craft Britannia Shop of the Week.  Well here are two from this week and last for you.

First up is Muntjac Vintage run by the super lovely Nadine Britton.  As the name suggests, Nadine's shop sells lovely vintage items such as these cute Russian dollies!  You can view an interview with Nadine on the CB blog here.

Second up is Phoenvix, a jewellery shop run by Carrie.  Carrie makes mostly one of a kind pieces due to the way she sources her beads.  You can read an interview with Carrie here


  1. Lovely feature, I chose the Russian dollies for my blog post too :)

  2. Thank you for feature :)


  3. Lovely picks from both shops.
    p.s. I keep getting behind too shhhhhhh

  4. I can't keep up either! Great choices - thanks for sharing!