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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Turning Veggie

So, after years of attempts & wanting to do it, I've finally managed to turn vegetarian!  I had managed to considerably cut down the amount of meat I was eating and was only buying organic meat from the supermarket.  By adopting an organic-only policy, I found we naturally ate less meat anyway as it's not cheap!  However, it's better all round for health reasons not to mention the welfare of the animals so we were happy paying the extra for it.  Even so, after a while, eating organic wasn't enough to ease my guilt over eating our farmyard friends!

It's been a month now and I'm finding it a lot easier than I thought I would.  I don't eat salad at all which makes it a bit more of a challenge for me.  Yes I know, a salad-dodging vegetarian who ever heard such a ridiculous thing!

I think I've found it easier this time as I'm not doing it because I feel I 'should' as an animal lover but because I can no longer reconcile eating meat with my love of animals.  Maybe I'll share the video that tipped me over the edge with you some time!

To be honest, I think it's never been easier for one to become vegetarian if they want to.  For starters there are some really impressive ranges of meat substitutes now.  Of course, if you love a nice rare steak then a meat substitute may not do it for you but for me, the removal of the guilt when I eat means it tastes delicious!  I've also actually found the experiences with new food really exciting.  Now, when we go for dinner, we try places that are vegetarian-friendly and I've been sampling all manner of new dishes that I would have previously overlooked.

I'm also lucky that my husband Kieren has been incredibly supportive and has enthusiastically tried all the new dishes I have been cooking - gorgeous curries, chillies & stews.  It's been made easier by our joint love of spice - I don't miss meat at all in the yummy hot & spicy curries I've been making.  It's also been surprisingly easy to keep up with my weight loss plan.  Mind you, I was a bit naughty over the bank holiday weekend with some cinnamon buns and a trip to the new Patisserie Valerie in town but I'm back on the wagon now!

I haven't entirely given up milk yet but I have cut out butter and have substantially reduced my dairy intake and I don't eat cheese anyway.  I am still eating eggs although I only buy organic ones.  Long-term I'd really like to get some chickens so I know for certain that any eggs I eat come from happy chucks!

Well, that's about it for now.  I'd love to hear your stories of turning veggie/vegan or even if you've made a decision to cut down on the amount of meat you eat.