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Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Busy Bank Holiday!

Back to work today after the bank holiday weekend. I'm looking forward to sitting still at least even if my day job is busy!

On Saturday we (my husband Kieren and my stepson Henry who is 6 and I) went to the Tate Modern in London.  Henry made me laugh as he stood in front of the first item we looked at, pondered it for a moment before loudly exclaiming, 'that's not art!'  From the look on some people's faces I think he was voicing the view that several adults harboured but were too polite to say out loud.  He continued with his critique throughout sometimes asking, 'so why is this art?'.

What Henry did love was the 'Tate Movie' film project they were showing on the ground floor.  The project was set up to get more children aged 5-13 interested in art.  He was glued to his seat and didn't want to leave!  If you have time you can check it out at the Tate Movie Website.

I sold three paintings in all over the weekend including one commission which had to be posted to the US today so I had to work quickly to get that one done.  The other two were from my existing collection for people in the UK.  I have to say I was thinking of giving up on selling on Etsy because I hadn't had any sales but I have been getting sales on Folksy.  Then all of a sudden I get two sales in the same number of days from Etsy and another on Folksy.  Think I'll stick with it a bit longer then as the US is a big marketplace!

Tate Modern

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